One of the unique uses of our Air Graffiti Wall system is for use as a digial sign-in for wedding receptions and other special events. Using a special interactive pen or spray paint can and our Air Graffiti Wall system, we can create an exciting and unique attraction for your special event. All signatures are recorded as a video, and the final video can be provided for use as a finale for wedding reception videos. This is something that is both exciting and elegant.

For corporate events and trade shows, one of our featured artists can create a digital masterpiece that can be shared with social media. Combine the graffiti wall with one of our photo booth options to create fun pictures using customized stencils and stickers. Add on projection mapping and have attendees leave their mark on a virtual version of your product or wedding cake. Share the results on social media with Twitter, Facebook, or text messages.

So if you are looking for something interactive that is both unique and entertaining, than consider the Interactive Graffiti Wall from Laser Ninja Productions.

As an add on to our traditional photo booth offerings, the Air Graffiti Wall can be used to add a little unique flavor to photos. Using the digital spray paint can or digital pen, guests can draw mustaches, or add whatever messages they would like. In addition, there is a collection of stickers and stencils that can be used, such as glasses, hats, necklaces, beards, and speech bubbles. These can act as in addition to, or as a replacement for traditional photo booth props. 

Interactive Sign In Sheet
Photo Booth

Digital Graffiti

The Interactive Air Graffiti wall is a new and exciting offering we have here at Laser Ninja Productions. An interactive projection surface that allows users to use one of our digital spray paint cans or digital pens to  draw on a gigantic canvas and create their own sharable works of art.  

Using our Air Graffiti Wall, a digital spray paint can, or digital pen, guests can tap into their inner artist to create their own personal masterpiece. Whether they tap their inner tagger or their inner Rembrandt, guests can create a work of art that can be printed, shared through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, text messages, or just emailed to them. Detail can be as fine or as broad as necessary. 

For corporate events, we have a team of artists that can be utilized to create a theme relevant art piece that can be given to all attendees. Guests can watch in real time as the artist creates this digital masterpiece on our large 8ft screen.

Interactive Air Graffiti Wall