KVant Spectrum Series Laser Projectors

The SPECTRUM Series takes raw coherent power combined with the latest in pure diode technology, and pushes this through precise optics, to form a beautiful high power laser projection system. Ideal for large indoor venues and stadiums, large outdoor shows, festivals, touring and permanent installations.

These fixtures havea guaranteed output; combining KVANT’s pure diode red and blue modules, with a green COHERENT OPSL module. This combination produces a stunning white balance. In addition, the pure diode modules used are protected by LASORB, for brighter more vibrant colors and longer lifetimes. They come standard with the Cambridge 6215 optical scanning system, for exceptionally fast scan speeds of 30K @ 8° optical, with an 80° maximum scan angle on both the X and Y axis, that produce stunning text, graphics and logos, as well as wide-angle beam effects.

These units also have inbuilt Pangolin FB4-MAX, for comprehensive control of the system via a network connection (cat5/cat6), or using ArtNet and DMX.

These lasers also includes a FREE hard plastic flight case, ILDA cable, E-Stop System, interlock, key-switch, and mechanical shutter. It is fully compliant with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well European and other international regulations.

Please Note: Most of these projectors can come in two different International Protection configurations: 
IP54: (dust protected, water splash protected)
IP65: (dust tight, water jet protected)