Product Specifications

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KVant ATOM 9 HPS Laser Projector

  • Output Power 8.5W
  • Color Balance R | G | B [mW]: 2750 | 1800 | 4000
  • Scan Speed Saturn 1 | 90kpps @ 7°
  • Beam Diameter 3x3mm
  • Divergence <1mrad [full angle]
  • Modulation analog, up to 100kHz
  • System Control Pangolin FB4-MAX, Ethernet, ArtNet (DMX), ILDA, SD card
  • Power Requirements 100-230V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption max. 390VA
  • Weight 28kg
  • Dimensions 302x380x250mm
  • Projector Features All the basic control settings such us X & Y sizes, scan-fail safety settings etc. are adjusted digitally using inbuilt interface. This systems also features scanning system protection and daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system “one-hit” operation
  • Accessories FREE heavy duty case, power lead, 25M ILDA signal cable, E-STOP remote with 25M cable, set of 4 safety keys, interlock connector, CD with PDF manual, CD with FB4-MAX laser control software
  • Compliance Fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1, FDA regulations and TUV Laser Safety
  • PASS Certified Can be configured with Pangolin’s PASS Technology, for audience scanning safety

Kvant ATOM 9 HPS (High Performance System) is our definition of what a professional laser should be.

Under the robust tour-grade housing, you will find a well balanced set of laser modules with matching beam profiles, that produce crisp and tight beams across all four wavelengths and colors (RED 637 | GREEN 520 | BLUE 445 and VIOLET 460).

This laser also integrates the new ScannerMAX Saturn 1 optical scanning (offering scan speeds of 90kpps and exceptionally wider projection areas), and it also has inbuilt Pangolin FB4-MAX, for comprehensive control of the system via a network connection (cat5/cat6), or using ArtNet and DMX.