Laser Graphics

Laser shows are an exciting addition to any event. Whether it is a corporate sales kick-off, a new product launch, sporting events, concerts, weddings, or any other special event, laser shows can take it to the next level. When it comes to creating laser shows, you’ll want an experienced staff to work with. Laser Ninja Productions has been doing laser shows for over 20 years producing laser shows of all shapes and sizes.

Utilizing the latest in solid state laser technology, laser production software, and laser operating equipment, Laser Ninja Productions can bring laser shows that were previously very difficult and costly to your special event.

With in house artists and state of the art software, Laser Ninja Productions can produce original content, including animations, corporate logos, and laser content that can sync to video, and tailor laser shows for product launches, advertising, and laser billboards. Live control can bring spontaneous and energetic shows to music, executive introductions, and other live events. Adding atmospherics, beam shows and laser projection mapping can put the accent into any event.

So if you’re looking for the icing on the cake, look no further than a laser show from Laser Ninja Productions.



If you are looking for that extra punch for a rock concert, corporate event, EDM show, or any musical special event, a laser atmospheric effect from Laser Ninja Productions is your answer. Laser Atmospherics are a special effect like no other, painting the canvas of air with amazing hues of colors with fans, waves, and of course laser beams. 

** Laser Ninja Productions is FDA/CDRH varianced to produce and operate laser light shows in the United States, and all equipment is certified legal for use in public display, meeting the legal US performance standards. In addition, we are also as a registered laser entertainment company in the State of Texas complying with all additional State of Texas Radiological Safety Requirements, and have full liability insurance in all 50 states. 


Whether you want a full graphics show set to music, or to display a corporate logo larger than life, Laser Ninja Productions can get it done. Our staff includes artists and programmers that can take create custom laser graphics for your special event. We can choreograph graphics to music, and using traditional 2D animation, and computer assisted 2D and 3D animation, our shows can be produced faster than ever. 

Laser Light Shows, Laser Atmospherics, Laser Graphics, and Laser Logos

Laser Atmospherics

The staff of Laser Ninja Productions has experience producing pre-programmed choreographed atmospheric shows, and running atmospheric shows live with bands, DJ's, and other stage performers. We have worked with show sizes ranging from birthday parties, to corporate events, to large touring shows and festivals. 

Launching a new product? Having a large corporate gathering such as an annual sales kick-off or corporate

party? Then have your message up in lights. Laser light is perfect for displaying corporate logos and product

messages since it can scale to any size without losing resolution. With a complement of atmospheric effects, this product launch or corporate party can have a really powerful impact and get your message across. 

Laser Logos