Video Game Projection

Having a party and looking for something to entertain guests? Then video game projection might be the answer. Let's face it, kids love video games. Bring to larger than life either retro games or even the modern gaming from Playstation or XBox onto one of our large screens. Have gaming tournaments for your guests and project the results with a musically reactive video to go along with your parties DJ. Take single games, or multiples games video mapped as pictured here.

Video Projection Mapping

Projection of video onto less traditional targets is becoming more popular. Buildings, sculptures, unique architectural stage designs. We can assist with the services. Whether it is projecting video on the side of a building for a rave, or projecting multiple video game screens on a extrusion architecture, we can do it. 

Projection Mapping Cakes

Be it on a birthday cake, wedding cake we can do video and laser projection mapping. Pictured here is one of our animated birthday cakes.

Virtual Graffiti Walls

Interactive graffiti walls have been a huge hit at corporate and special events. Using a digital pen or spray paint can, guests can virtually "tag" the wall, save the results, and share on their social media sites. Used with photo booths, guests can draw silly pictures, use stencils, or add anything they can draw.

Laser Countdowns

Have a new product launch or special announcement? Build anticipation with a laser clock countdown. Countdowns can be HH:MM:SS format, or traditional second countdowns. 

SMS/Twitter to laser

For those group gatherings, have attendees send a special message via Twitter or text message and have it displayed in laser. Imaging a wedding where a friend or loved one couldn't attend, have them send their best wishes with remotely. Build social media buzz during your event by scrolling messages as they are tweeted.

Custom Logos

For your next event, be it a company meeting, tradeshow, prospect demonstration, have your company logo up in laser light and stand. Take your corporate logo and project it larger than life for all to see.

Laser Light Shows

Laser shows have been our bread and butter for over 15 years. Whether it is pre-programmed laser shows to your favorite band, or running shows live, we're the guys to talk to. We have a large library of ready to go shows. We can customize these shows to include product information, event names, performers, or any special message. This includes graphics and atmospheric shows.